Monday, August 28, 2006

The Weekend:

Friday: Crop Night was awesome with my girlfriends. Not all of the Divas were able to attend but for those of us that did we had an awesome time. We completed very few pages but hey the conversations and dinner was divine. WE did share the "Traveling Scrapbook" and LA completed pages in it...So, now it is my turn with the fun challenge bag o' required goodies. Wish me look, there is some pretty wild stuff inside that bag.

SOCCER: We had sign-ups on Saturday and can you believe crazy me volunteered for something else. YEAH, crazy I know. My GF and I are going to coach!!!! Wish us luck! The innocent little angels just have no idea what they are in store for...GOOGLE HELP! I go there to find out how to do everything else why not coaching instructions? lol, Just Kidding.

Sunday: Oh how I love to go to a huge lunch and then take a well-deserved and way overdo nap. YIPEE I slept entirely too long today but I feel great!

Movie to watch: An Unfinished Life with J-Lo, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, and Josh Lucas (HOT)
Review: A wonderful drama that has a beautiful setting, an underlying emotional story, awesome actors/actresses. I will definitely reccomend it to my friends.

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