Monday, December 04, 2006

BLAH-HUMBUG! aka: The Christmas Explosion

k, I put off putting up the Christmas Deco as long as I could...Bunny {aka:dh} is not a huge fan of the famous "Christmas Explosion" I display during the holiday's. SO...I waited until the weekend after T-Day. I love tons of deco even the bathroom has it's own cute little snowmen. The snowmen in the BR drives Bun crazy, BTW. He doesn't quite get why the toilet needs snow crap on it. MEN! lol

as usual while I am having fun deciding on what to put on the tree this year Bunny is not amused by my excitement. It was no surprise that we had a little tiff during the craziness. But at least the house has been deco'd! Be glad I didn't share the fun little chatter that occured. *wink*

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