Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood...

Christmas was magical...really...crazy, chaotic, non-stop...but FABULOUS! Our family had a delightful time together. The kiddos really enjoyed all being together since they now think they are "grown". I think Christmas really brings out the best in all of us...and the kid in us as well. No one gets more excited about Christmas than me in our house. Poor Randall is not a "Christmas fan". I think seeing the receipts {which I ration} it is a real shock, plus not having his parents with him is a true downer.

I will share some pics soon but for now just imagine our little log home with 16 or so people in it, lots of food, stacks of presents, a bazillion family photos, and many smiles. It really was a magical day. I also invited a friend and her hubby over to enjoy the chaos that we love so much. My friend, Janeane, was without her daughter and sweet granddaughters on Christmas Day. She loved being here with us during the fun and fellowship.

I hope everyone has taken time to enjoy the magic of the season this year. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Tracy!! I didnt know you hadda blog! Added to my favs! I am glad to read up and see you hadda nice Xmas!
    I tried to call you...Amy said you wanted me to ring ya...no answer! Whats up with that? lol
    Cindy Lou Who