Sunday, January 28, 2007


Who's been flaking out where their blog is concerned? *grins sheepishly and looks around*

they say admitting is the first step to recovery...

I Tracy H. has t-totally been slackin where my Blog is concerned. *wipes brow* WHEW! I feel better now.

How sad, I realize...since it is such a blast to sit and chat with myself. K, so occassionally someone posts a sweet little complie but still I haven't gotten into the daily groove of posting my thoughts just yet. Let me tell ya somedays you totally would not wanna hear what goes on in my head. I can get a bit scattery when life gets crazy. The funny thing is I do my very best work under pressure. Give me a deadline and 20 mins to create and even I amaze myself...

I will attempt to quit slackin on my little blog...while everyone else keeps rockin the blog experience. I shall attempt to follow by example. *rolls eyes*

Check out my new fav blog...'t wait to hear all the CHA DISH from our SCS crew!

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