Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ST/IL Hints...yes, again...

I rec'd a package of prizes that I ordered yesterday...they traveled from WI! Yeah, a long way to go for a stampede. Today I rec'd another *small* pacakage of prizes. They are from someone who advertise's on SCS. She is an extremely talented stamper/designer and she owns her own store on the bay. So, I know this will be a well-loved prize or two or ???!!!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of one small package with some yummy little bellas in it...Hopefully, it will arrive before we set out on our trip Friday. Keep your fingers crossed ladies.

So, I am almost ready to complete my shoebox swap cards...I had hit such a huge block it was beginning to get on my last nerve. I think I have finally decided on an acceptable creation. I had to like it or I wouldn't even be willing to bring it...and as for a name tag. OY! Who knows what that will look like.

43 ladies to stamp with in just a few days and most of them are SCS sisters!!! the excitement is causing me to not need or even want any sleep...I just want to pack up and head for S & S's house!!!


  1. Ooooooooohhhh, is it from GinaK Designs?!?! *grin*

  2. I don't know alot of the advertisers so I don't have an educated guess. I am still going with something from the SCS store.

  3. I'm just hoping it has nothing to do with the GreenBay Packers... hehehe!