Monday, July 02, 2007

Gettin all SCRAPPY!

One of my favorite quotes from a delightfully funny "girl movie" comes to mind everytime I mention getting scrappy. The quote is from Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and I believe the actual quote goes something like, "you don't have to get all scrappy". My girl Sandra says it and it is too cute the way she draws it out. Actually there are several quotes from that movie that just crack me up. For example the car scene when (and I am horrible with the names) they are fussing back and forth with those amazing southern accents, "I'll knock you into next week". The response was (and this is the hilarious part) , "and I'll kick your a_ _ on Thursday". I got that quote down seeing as how I have said it so many times...I do however, leave out the ugly word. (yeah, Mom I am a good girl *rolls eyes*). Of course, typing these quotes do them no's the southern draw and the well-rehearsed accents that really make them stick in your mind and inevitably giggle.
Back to this "Scrappy Creation"
I just let the paper be my quide. I added some doodles just for fun with a gold glitter pen (BG). Cut-out some flowers from the PP and layered those babies up. The only stamp used was for the sentiment "be Happy" which incorporates two different styles of SU! sentiment stamps. This card was easy as pie to creat and uber cute.
So the next time you decide to "Get Scrappy" break out a copy of the Ya Ya movie to make you smile.

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