Monday, July 09, 2007


Ok Kirstin...I'm game. I think. *rolls eyes & grins* Gosh thinking before bed can prove to be quite difficult.

7 things about moi:

1> I am a Jesus Freak! (this is the first thing that came to mind as my boys played that fabulous DC Talk song over and over again this weekend on the way to Grandma's).

2> My favorite time of day is after everyone goes to bed and I get "me time".

3> I love to sing!

4> I love the night air during the summertime...

5> When my feet hit the floor in the morning my first thought is...contacts. I need my contacts!

6> My second thought is COFFEE...gotta get that jolt of java with Vanilla Caramel creamer.

7> I litterally hee haw over some of the dumbest commercials ever known to man! My step-son and I roll over some of them while my hubby sits and looks at us as if we had a third eye!

Now let's see who I can tag:

Stampernmore, Donna, Darcy, Mel, Sally Sue, Vicki

1 comment:

  1. You are funny girl. You are supposed to tag different people though hehe. I still did the 7 things cuz I love ya!