Monday, August 13, 2007

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So, today has been just one of those Monday's that one wishes not to do much physical activity. Stinkin sinus infection could be the culprit so I just took it easy today...taking meds every 4-6 hours as needed and BELIEVE ME...I NEEDED that and more! Gotta love those good allergy genes Mom passed along to me. (Love ya Mom!)

If ya can't get out to shop why not Internet Window Shoppin? Here's some fun I found online today that I SO *MUST HAVE*...once I share with the Diva's of course...'Cause I don't order unless I check with them first. lol

My girl, Joanna, and I have been addicted to templates lately...she is gonna squeel when she reads the emails I sent her this day with links to the following yummalicious Doodling Templates.

The Crafter's Workshop

Here's a fun contest that I found while searching for the yummy templates:

Create My Keepsake

They have some fabulous goodies on their site and part of the contest includes using the YT's I linked up above. Check 'em out!

I also ventured over to Pencil Lines to check out their newest sketch and guest artist.

Here's a quick link for ya:

Sketch #45 and another fun one that I adore came from Jenn Hall Sketch #42. This gal has some very colourful skilz. Jenn's blog (What I See) is also quite fabulous. I thought I took a ton of photos but I do believe she would be good competition for me. The sweet stories of her girls and hubby are for sure a fun read. She is simply amazing!

Here are my other blog fav's of the day:

Anne Hafermann: Creating the Good Life and one that may not be new-to-you,

Ali Edwards: capturing life + creating art

Til tomorrow my happy...scramp daily!

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