Monday, August 13, 2007

Life as it is...

Let's see...what's going on in my life these days?

I wonder if I can even share it all? Yeah it's busy around here these days.

Just got the boys back in school. High School and 3rd Grade. The girl has been ready for college for a few week's now. thankfully, Eddie survived that shopping trip! It was one crazy day. My HS'er is ok with the freshman thing. He seems to enjoy having "A" days and "B" days quite well. Of course, my child would figure out on the first day that having the days split up like that meant an extra day to complete homework. Smart kid! CB is adjusting to 3rd grade very nicely. He announced on Friday that,"his 3rd day of 3rd grade was his best ever school day!" Try saying that fast 3 times!

Randy and I have begun training for the upcoming Emmaus walks in October. What an inspirational boost that has been. I so love preparing and planning for this awesome faith filled weekend for the new pilgrim's.

In the midst of preparing for the Emmaus Walk(s) we will soon begin training for the Chrysalis Flight(s) to be held in January. Working with the youth is truly a blessing.. It is amazing to hear of their faith and love for Christ.

As Women's Director I am working on a trip to see Beth Moore next month on my birthday! I can't will be an amazing weekend for sure. My Mom and step-sisters are going with their church and I am going with my church. We will get to see each other there and I may even get a chance to spend the night with them. I am searching hi and lo to get someone to drive our church bus but if no one steps forward then I will be the lucky volunteer. Which I would be fine with but I am not used to driving such a monstrosity. Pray for us!

Also in September the Emmaus Super Gathering plans are underway. Randy and I are planning the children's activities. Backyard Bouncers, games, prizes, and lots of fun stuff.

Curtis has just signed up for Soccer again so that should busy us in the near future. Along with Upward Basketball to follow. Eddie and Curtis both are ready for Scouts to start again. Oh and I can't forget that we will begin Awana on September 5th. I can't wait to see my kiddos again. I assist with 4 & 5 year olds.

In the daycare I am awaiting the birth of a sibling. Avery should arrive next Monday by C-section and her big bro is super anxious to meet her (so is TiTi)! In October, we shall have another girl child born into our little angel crew. Kylar is also ready to meet his little sis.

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