Thursday, August 02, 2007

A new blog fad...share yours for BLOG CANDY! (Info in purple!)

I noticed this cool new game on several blogs, one being Emily's. To play, just type your name + needs in quotation marks using the search engine(s) of your choice to locate the first 10 phrases that show up as a result. Some results can be quite hilarious while others are well, let's just say interesting ;0).

Here is the results of my searches utilizing two different search engines:

I chose my favs and of course being me...I had to do mine a bit different than most did.

* Tracy needs wins to get back in title battle. (ESPN Auto Racing)
* Tracy needs one =) (check the link)
* Tracy needs to pay more in taxes (uh, hello? no stinkin way dude!)
* Tracy needs to go (shopping!)
* Tracy needs to flow the constructed attribute constructeddestinationIndicator (WHAT???)
* Tracy needs money very badly! (ALWAYS! for more stamps!)

****Most of the "Tracy needs" that I found above concerned either the ESPN race car driver or a town that shares my name!

Ok now these were just all leading up to Tracy (MOI) needs another GIRLS RETREAT WEEKEND! Tis so easy to justify our needs isn't it?!?!! lol

-Tracy needs help!
-Tracy needs rehab!
-Tracy needs a sanctuary,periodic retreat from the world! (Absolutely!!! It's called SCRAMPIN!)
-Tracy needs encouragement to hear the Word of God again.
-Tracy needs help to get her life back together.
-Tracy needs your support in "The Race for Life"!!!
-Tracy needs professional psychiatric help! (ROTFLMbootayOff!)
-Tracy needs some help from the girls (always DIVAS, I will always need ya GF's. FYI: this is my hometown gf's...Our group is the Creative Divas).

I found several that would clarify why I need to buy more stamps...Maybe I should save that for another day. I also found tons of "Tracy's" that had already played this little game on their blog. FUN! FUN! This was totally kewl!

Here's a few links to some of the fun lists I found on other blogs:

confessions of an english actor/mum/whatever
scroll down "Tracy" posted a response with her search

neosynthesis (Art blogs ?)
scroll down 2nd entry

Just one more of my so-called needs:

This I have to post for an ongoing joke between friends.

TRACY NEEDS TO TWEET MORE!!!! (Leigh-Anne this one's for you babe! Tweet Tweet! Love ya girl!)

NOW SHARE YOURS in a POST! I will RAK some BLOG CANDY to the one who posts the best list!!! Sharing a link to your blog entry will be fine! Tell your friends to share as well...send a friend over and I will enter you twice!!! I will give you plenty of time to complete this fun challenge!

HINT: Creativity Counts!!! Especially since I love to be unique or different in my own life and creative adventures.


  1. Here's mine...not that creative though (unless I start making up stuff!):

  2. Very fun challenge. I've never done this before. Here's my list:
    Cheryl needs a new assistance dog
    ...a home study skills speak to Kim

    and my personal favorite: stay pampered from head to toe!!!

    Cheryl KVD

  3. These are hysterical...Ok here are mine...
    Alexis stop drawing on herself.
    Alexis needs...a stable home with lots of patience and understanding
    Alexis be clued in on the new perspective
    Alexis stop acting the schoolgirl when she is attracted to bad boys, or better. yet, find herself a mature man
    Alexis find a man that is secure with himself, that is confident and will be able to handle her moods (thankfully my DH is and does)
    Alexis needs...a modern makeover
    Alexis be back on "How I Met Your Mother" again
    I think that's enough! :)

  4. Here is my blog --

  5. Oh brother, maybe someone knows something I don't, lol, here is mine.
    "Claudia may need medication".

  6. I did this about a year ago and was amazed at how many of my buds didnt "get" it---weirdos. Here are some of mine and they havent changed much either.

    Jan needs a Man (a poem btw-writtien by Ron -which happens to be my hubby's name!)

    Jan needs to talk to Lance (the Tour sucks with out you bud)

    JAN NEEDS A NEW MAN-(guess the wisdom in the poem didnt work!)

    Jan needs a rest (from all these men maybe)

    Jan needs to determine a reason to exercise that feels good (I thought I needed a rest!)

    Jan needs the help of Andrew to get the job done (another man? give me a break!)

    Jan Needs Spelling Lessons (nope-just good spell check software)

    Jan needs a neurosurgen that specializes in brain mapping (does he take my insurance?-and will he tell me why I need all these men in my life?)

    Jan needs some peace and quiet (is hubby scheduled for another LONG trip anytme soon-please please-and take the surgeon and Lance with you)

    Jan needs help (like this is any big secret!)

    Jan needs to go (all this green tea but the kidneys work fine)

    Jan needs to "Be careful, don't make Lance Mad" (okay, so dont go with hubby to China, but do go away and leave me alone!)

  7. Wow, this was interesting!

    Marla needs:

    "to find a guy who will be excited about seeing her" (wonder what DH would have to say about that one!)


    "to be brought into conversation"

    "her Mustang" (hey, I like that one!)

    "to deliver" (not sure what, tho)

    "a list of of all the closets needed for the project" (to organize my supplies, perhaps?)

    "to decide if she will close the savings account and use that money to purchase the equipment" (for the scrapping supplies I am going to put into all those closets, I'll bet)

    "training not to jump on people"

    "a home bike"

    "to be here" (you betcha....cuz I really want some candy!)

  8. Ok, this was so funny! Here are mine: Angel needs...
    ...a ride.
    ...her dad. (sad but true)
    ...a loving forever home.
    ...a bath partner. lol!
    ...some help regarding her man swap (as opposed to card swap??hehe)
    ...naughty embraces. (wait, i think this one is connected to the above 2!)
    ...some blog candy!! ok, i TOTALLY made that one up myself!!! LOL! Fun, Tracy, Thanks!!

  9. Okay, these are too funny, Tracy!

    Kelly needs
    . . . to be part of a loving committed marriage (all for that!)
    . . . to prepare and think about 100 different things (hmm, I do that now--mostly stampin' and don't get much done)
    . . . patience right now (Right now?! Always! LOL)
    . . . a new job! (goodness no--just started 2 NEW full-time jobs last month)

    So . . . hope you got a chuckle out of these. I sure did.
    Stop by my newbie blog at

  10. Ha! I tried it, then was hooked! Here's my 10:
    1. Suzanne needs to know to present the most effective program for you?
    2. Suzanne needs to see it in her mind's eye before she can ...
    3. Suzanne needs more reassurance from Victor about the future of their relationship... (who's Victor?)
    4. Suzanne needs to get dressed. ...(It's true! I'm typing this in my pajamas! The great Oracle knows all!)
    5. Suzanne needs to step back into the prank callin' game.(Uh, Ok!)
    6."Suzanne needs her own iPod" fund. ...(I won't argue with that!)
    7. Suzanne needs help with her legal and medical expenses. ...(Poor Suzanne!)
    8. Suzanne needs it! ...(Whatever "it" is! But from number 7, I bet it's money!)
    9. Suzanne needs: A way to say "no" when she feels "no" to the demanding customers. ...(Huh, sounds like my job)
    10. Suzanne needs our help (Ha!)

  11. Tracy this is fun. Here is what I found:
    Deborah needs help with #9...(isn't there a song about that?)
    Deborah needs chicken soup...(only when I am sick)
    Deborah needs people like you...(yes)
    Deborah needs to know...(what?)
    Deborah needs one good photo...(there isn't one if it is of me)
    Deborah needs this and Deborah needs that...(too true)
    Deborah needs books...(always)
    Deborah needs help...(probably)
    Deborah needs support...(I think Victoria's is having a sale~)
    Deborah needs more opionions... (like I don't already have enough of my own)

  12. I found a good one:,,1691717,00.html

    Kelly needs a quivering antennea.

    I don't really want to know. ;)

  13. Inger needs a list of names regarding training: chemicals and safety (uh-oh. Doesn't sound too good. Better find my gasmask..)

    Inger needs more...(of chocolate..yes please..)

    Inger needs to see who can be local sponsors (lol. I'd love my own sponsor)

    Inger needs his social life (haha. He obviously thinks mine is not good enough!)

    Inger needs to come back into the discussion as she is much more well informed on Ireland and it's people during that period (Thats new too me but nice to hear! I'll join if they pay for me to visit Ireland again)

    Inger needs to learn that spurious accusations may not be 'courtable' offenses, they are none the less offenses (ups..what does spurious accusations mean though? Might need to learn that first!)

    Inger needs is a better excuse than dyslexia (Ok..this one is spooky. I actually have dyslexia.)

    Inger needs the dictionary (maybe to find a different excuse?)

    INGER needs to cope with PVP rights, including. determination of ownership, benefit sharing,. difficulty in monitoring, variation in PVP laws (wow! I really wonder how many laws I broke..)

    inger needs france news (Hehe. Qui!)

    Its good I managed to fill up ten because the last five aviable where not very suitable to be posting in blog comments! I don't really fancy a career in the adult industry!

    Thanks for this fun challenge!

  14. I really got scared when I opened mine after the last couple weeks i have had...

    Mine only came up with one thing, an actual website in fact...

    Keri needs coffeeswirls prayer requests!!! Scary hun? PBTG!!!