Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blog Candy WINNER...

OMG! I am like the slowest creature on earth to finish a task...ok, so not really but I do tend to get caught up in many activities and ummm....lose my place in some aspects of my own little world. Without further delays...My Blog Candy winner is...Alexis!!! Thanks so much for participating! Congrats chickie...I totally enjoyed reading your responses. Check out her blog it's fabulous.

loves2stamp said...

These are hysterical...

Ok here are mine...
Alexis stop drawing on herself.
Alexis needs...a stable home with lots of patience and understanding.
Alexis be clued in on the new perspective.
Alexis stop acting the schoolgirl when she is attracted to bad boys, or better. yet, find herself a mature man.
Alexis find a man that is secure with himself, that is confident and will be able to handle her moods (thankfully my DH is and does).
Alexis needs...a modern makeoverAlexis be back on "How I Met Your Mother" again.

I think that's enough! :)