Monday, November 26, 2007

Stamp Candy: I WON! I WON!!!

I WON! I WON!!! YIPPEE I rarely ever win...usually DH has all the luck but ha ha this time I WON!

Remember a few posts ago when I posted a Congrats to Erika on her 10,ooo th hit?!?!? Well, I sent everyone (including MOI) to her blog to sign-up for her fantabulous Stamp Candy!

You could have blown me away with the wind when I read Erika's post on my blog!!! Tracy you won! You won!!!

WHOOT WHOOT...can't wait to get my hands on that lovely alpha stamp set...I see monogrammed Christmas gifts in my future.

Here's a link to my stamp set: Broadway Clear Alpha Stamp Set (AMUSE StAmpS)

(FYI: It's at the bottom of the page...go ahead and look at all the stamps whilst your know you wanna! *WINK*)


  1. congrats, crazy lady!

    i say congrats cuz you won, i say crazy cuz i can't PM you on SCS till you empty some messages out of your inbox! feel free to email me
    then feel free to delete this message. "it should self destruct.."

  2. Congrats on your win. Can't wait to see what sweet things you make with your 'candy' :0) Mel