Monday, December 03, 2007

E-ISC02's 2nd Sketch Challenge

Suzy created the sketch for this week's challenge over at Embellish-It Online. This is our 2nd Sketch Challenge and I think this one will be fab-fun to work with. I had planned to post a sample that I personally made but that just did not happen today. So, instead I will share a link to Suzy's awesome card she made using her sketch: Bella Snowday

Here's a link to the CHALLENGE so that you can share your cards (or pages) with us!


Thanks so much and if you complete this challenge please feel free to share a link to your card in a post on my blog.

Happy Manic Monday!


  1. Whew! I've finally made my rounds and visited everyone in the SBS2 group = I hail from the SBS1 group and have added them to my blog and wanted to say hi to everyone - I may get around to trying your sketch today!!

  2. I like the sketch, an idea is percolating...hope to get it on paper before it leaves my cluttered mind! I'll really try to link a photo here soon..
    Betsy, a SBS2 - sister

  3. Check out my card:
    Great fun,
    thanks sistah

  4. Hi Tracy,
    I was so excited to see you on the blogging sisters list! This is a great layout and the sample you posted is fantastic. I can't wait to give this one a try.

  5. Betsy- Your card is fabulous! You go girl! I already stopped by and left ya some love...thanks so much for participating! Your the first one of our Siestas to do so! YEAH!

    I think I will just go ahead and send some happy mail your way to Thank You properly! *grin*

  6. Becky-

    You are too sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed Suzy's card...her blog is fabulous as well!

  7. I just had to post a quick hello and say "HEY" from a SBS group 1 member! Sistas all are we!!