Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I still have some more projects/cards to share that I created for Valentine's Day. I will add them later. I just wanted to be the first to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

This is always a big holiday for DH and I. When we worked together (where we first met) he would sneak into work everyday before I got there and shower my desk with gifts. Our first V-day I rec'd something everyday for about 5 days up until Valentine's Day. It was so sweet. I warned him that he was going to have to keep it up every year and he really has done a wonderful job. He always surprises me with something super romantic and thoughtful on Valentine's Day.

I seriously should photograph all my goodies. I have kissing bears, kissing monkey's...both sets respectfully from Hallmark. I think he has his sights set on this year's pooches. We shall see. I have rec'd bouquets of flowers, a gorgeous plant simply because I think flowers are a bit over rated and don't last. Candy, gourmet chocolates and one of my favorite all-time gifts was a gold rose. He finally found a way for me to keep a rose for a lifetime! It's gorgeous and stays on our entertainment center...I will share a photo of it later. It's quite unique. Another fav was when DH sent me a Vermont Teddy Bear...he is precious! I got so tickled at the box the bear arrived has air holes. So cute.

We will soon find what my Hunny Bunny comes up with this year. Mind you he is sick and I have been medicating him all evening hopefully by tomorrow he will feel up to keeping up his tradition of making Valentine's Day so special for me (us). Honestly, he would be heartbroken if he was not able to do anything. He is the one who makes it such a big day in our lives.

Me, I have already given him his gifts...A new pair of Crocs and a fleece pullover from the Big Dog Store 'cause he is my Big Dog! (awww) I also have another small gift for him but that can't be shared just yet. *wink* (like he really reads these posts but jic I shall remain secretive)



  1. He sounds like a keeper for sure! Hope he is feeling better soon! Happy Valentines Day!


  2. He sounds wonderful Tracy!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Awwww! That is sooo sweet! Hang on to that one! Hope he feels better soon and that you get spoiled appropriately! You deserve it! : )

  4. Happy Valentines to you to Tracy! sounds like you received such wonderful gifts throughout the years. What a sweetie you have!! Well, you deserve to be spoiled!!


  5. Oh Tracy, how incredibly sweet is that. My hubby is very romantic, he got me a gorgeous diamond eternity ring this valentines, which has an extra bit that comes out that says I love you!!!! bless him