Thursday, October 12, 2006

Chaotic Bliss

Ok so normally my house is full of noise. The dog barking, a baby whining or crying in need of something; anything, the boys playing or fighting (depending upon their mood), the phone ringing off the hook, or a friend visiting...Yes, my house is forever and hopefully will always be BUSY! I don't think I could stand it any other way. Quiet drives me bonkers. I LIKE NOISE! SHHH don't tell the children.

This week is fall break and my guys are with my Mom. YIPEE for a break! Well, you would think so but of course I miss them. I have accomplished several uninterrupted tasks this week which is for sure a plus.

I did have to question what I would do when all the guys are grown and we have an empty nest. Thank goodness I have a long time to figure that out. Curtie Bug is a mere 7 years old. WHEW! Thankfully, and my Eddie is only 13 (and what a fun age that is). Of course, our grandson has not yet turned two...I can always go and get him!

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