Wednesday, October 18, 2006 out...come out wherever you are...

Do you ever "lose" your supplies? I have a very bad habit of buying constantly but then forgetting about what I have purchased and ultimately not being able to locate the item in question. I need a personnal organizer in the worst way. Believe me I am trying to prevent the "hide & seek" game from occuring on such a regular basis but it is such a HUGE job to organize an SB/Stamp Room. I am sure this comes easy to some people but to me it so does not come easy. I must have been born with a hint of the organizational gene and that is it...just a hint of organizational abilities. I suppose it would help to have an unbiased assistant that has no emotional ties to every single piece of patterned paper or product that has never been touched. Hmmmm...toil and trouble a scrapbook dream room I shall keep in my prayers forever more. WISH ME LUCK!

Oh and if you have any good tips do share...Thanks!

Have a FAB day!

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