Monday, December 18, 2006


My youngest DS has been sick on and off since last Thursday, poor little guy. We had a few good days and then Saturday night was the worst. We were up and down with extremely high fever, heahaches, sore throat, and the worst cough ever. This morning we went to the Dr. and my little man has STREP. YUCK! We had to miss seeing Charlotte's Webb with his class due to his illness. So, now we will just have to go see it alone over the weekend if at all possible. He was so bummed. I was really looking forward to seeing it myself but you can't predict being sick. The Dr. assured Curtis that he would be well by Wednesday so he should not miss his Christmas Party at school. I sure hope so. So our weekend has been filled with Christmas activity and ended with pain and suffering for Curtie Bug. I am dosing everyone else up on preventative meds {tons of Vitamin C and such} so hopefully we will all be fine for Christmas!

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