Sunday, February 11, 2007

B-Ball Fab Fun!

I absolutely love Saturday mornings these days. My youngest is playing Upward Bound basketball. These boys are still young enough (7-8) that they are quite entertaining at times. Don't get me wrong they are really good players but they ARE still learning. It cracks me up when they get confused about what they are doing but it is not me laughing at their antics it is just me getting a kick out of them trying so hard to do their best. Today one of the little guys (after switching sides) kept trying to shoot in the opponents basket. Poor guy just couldn't get the whole switching thing down pat. Only a few weeks ago Curtis (my DS) was still trying to run down the court holding the basketball in a football death grip...he was not giving that ball up! It was hilarious but he did get a bit embarressed and no longer does the football grip on the basketball.

The best part of Upward Bound is the fact that it is Christian based and that makes for such a friendly atmosphere. The kids have so much support and love which is how it should be in organized sports. No one yells and no one fights with other teammates. It is fantastic!

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