Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Why is that the rain has to give us such a blah feeling? Ok, so if it would rain with the sun shining then maybe that would help but today it is a dark and dreary day so I say BLAH! Even little people feel the same way they all seem to have no energy when it is rainy and dark outside. They are napping! Which is great but it is funny that they choose to nap their little hearts out on such a blah sort of day.

On a lighter note: I woke up to a surprise this morning. An adorable little heart pen with fluffy pink stuff on it. I suppose a photo would help, but that just ain't gonna happen at the moment. Underneath this lovely pink gel pen o' fluff was the most beautiful Valentine's Day card. My sweet Bunny has struck once again. He is so good at Valentine's Day. He may not quite get some holidays but the holiday of love he is expert at...this is day two of small gifts and a lovely card. I can't wait for the grande finale: Valentine's Day!

Happy V-Day a bit early bloggers!

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