Sunday, April 08, 2007

EASTER...such a beautiful holiday...

What does Easter mean to you? To me, it is such a beautiful holiday full of fun and happiness with family and/or friends. Easter Egg hunts...Candy...hyped up kiddos (which is always fun *wink*).

This Easter was such a BEAUTIFUL day! It was not as warm as I had hoped for but still it was not unbearably cold. The bright warm sun made it much nicer for hunting eggs. Our family actually was up and made it to church on time for sunrise service. It was quite wonderful. WE had an Easter breakfast with our family and then out to hide eggs for the children. My youngest raked in a whopping 55 eggs! Yeah, he was running like a crazy kid to grab them all up. Of course, there were tons of eggs to be found. Curtis won a chocolate prize for his efforts. The funny thing is I can remember when you couldn't beg him to actually put the eggs into his basket, he just wanted to find them and look at them. lol He's come a long way.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderfully blessed Easter!

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  1. Curtie bug is growing up! hehehe!

    we had a great Easter!