Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Schools Out...Schools out...teacher let the fools out...

Ok so maybe that still holds true with some of the kids getting out of school. In my case, I do believe this referred to the wild and crazy teenagers running around with nothing to do all day...wouldn't you agree? I do hope you realize that was a song! (I'm not that old yet am I? Definitely NOT!)

School is out which for me means lots of kiddo's at my house...With my boys home it gets somewhat tricky working out time with them and taking care of the little angels all day. But somehow we manage. On the crazy days or just to get a break one of my girlfriends will come over and yes...bring more kids (their own of course) and all the kids will play while we try to entertain them. These days are a wonderful for me because we normally take the kids to the park, playground, track or all any combination of the three and have an awesome time hanging out together. Then we bring them home for lunch and they are so worn out they barely make it to nap time!

So now you know why my posts on my blog are non-existant for a few days here and there...I have tons of stuff to share but no time to upload. I will get some things on this week though. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Our school doesn't get out until June 18!! My kids are grown, but DH is the teacher! I think he could use the rest though.