Saturday, June 02, 2007

Run...Dance...Hoot and Holla...

*see Tracy run* *see Tracy dance* * see Tracy hoot and holla*

It's the weekend baby! I am telling ya I needed a weekend to rejuvanate from my chaotic week! I just knew there had to be a full moon that I had not been able to see...or take time to see. My guys were wild during week 2 of School's Out! Someday they are gonna quit all that screaming at each other over silly unimportant stuff...RIGHT?

K, so even if I am not RIGHT...tell me I am so I can keep the DREAM alive!

I was so excited to "hang out" with the Divas last night...We had a blast scrappin (scrampin), chatting, eating, ooh'ing and ahh'ing over our newest pages and of course the loot we had recently purchased!!! A girl has gotta have new loot to share every week ya know.

My goodness...I am simply trying to finish a post and it is so not gonna happen. My DS has run in and outta da house like 10 times in a row...*slam* *slam* *slam* that is all I am hearing this morning...Bless his little heart his Daddy is asking him to run and get this and run and get that like he normally asks me all the guys just can't seem to do things without some form of assistance. Let me just say I am most thankful that they are washing the JEEP! WHOO HOO

It is time for this gal to finish getting ready for a girly day away from the guys! I am off to help a friend at the local Women's Show...I shall post all my latest creations later today.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful day God has created for us!!!

To my girls dealing with bad storms: Hugs and Prayers! Be safe!

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