Monday, May 07, 2007

Tag! I'm IT!

Thanks (i think) for the tag Leah!

Let's see what kind of dish I can share about MOI! Hmmm...
1. I have 3 step-sisters (and no they are SO not evil, they are great! We just don't see each other often enough.) but officially I was an only child and grew up as an "only child". I am spoiled but I was raised well so I am not rotten! *grin* Just ask Mom and Randy (my dh)!

2. I have a home daycare filled with little angels that keep me very busy. I began my daycare about 4+ years ago when I was laid off for the first time ever. It was such an adjustment and a friend (who had been doing HD for 10+ years) suggested I begin keeping children. She just started sending parents my way and so it began! The rest is history and the children are very much a part of our family.

3. I am a Mom, step-Mom, and step-Grandma! Yeah and I have not yet turned 35! Our Grandson is turning 2 today!!! My oldest son turned 14, April 27th and my youngest son turned 8 in March. Our only girl is now 18 and she is graduating in just a few weeks! The guys are now grown (so they think) and are 21 and our 19 year old lives with us...SO, I am surrounded by entirely too much testosterone! 4 guys! EEK!

4. I have an awesome group of friends that I hang-out with pretty much every week! We call ourselves the Creative Divas and there are 6 of us. WE go to crops together, scrap on Friday nights (we attempt to do so weekly), travel together to surrounding conventions, scrapbook events, etc., and enjoy Coffee and Conversation every Friday at my house with the little angels!

5. I love ROCK-N-ROLL so put another dime in the jukebox baby! Oh sorry...that wasn't where I was going...kinda went off on a tangeant there. Seriously, I do love ROCK...many variations, just not the crazy phsychotic sounding stuff...close, but not quite. My oldest DS has also inherited my love of loud music. My youngest prefers country or Christian music.

6. I am a recovering nail biter! The nails on my left-hand are much longer than my right...but at this time I only have one that is well...missing! You definitely know when I have had a stressful day!

7. Lots of my friends probably already know this about me...but some may not. I am a morning person! HA, that is if you count staying up until the am hours roll around to be a "morning person"! *wink*

Oh sugah! Now I must tag 7 ladies...Oh please don't hate me for this girls!

1. stampernmore

2. stampinsally

3. Donna

4. resqbarbie

5. Darcy

6. Stacy

7. Jackie


  1. Could NEVER hate you chickie! I think if we lived closer, I'd be at your house on Friday mornings!!! *BIG grin* hee hee

  2. Did my other comment work?? I enjoyed reading your little tidbits!! :)

  3. I only see one Leah...Come on over Sally Sue! The girls would love ya!

  4. Could never hate ya Tracy! Fun tidbits about you.

  5. Great blog! Fun to read about you!!