Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finally some cards...

I used pre-made PP Cards for both Bellas...The extra piece of patterned paper came from a fold-over at the bottom of the card. I thought it would look better if I used the paper in a different way. The yellow BG paper was cuttlebugged with an embossing plate that is supposed to look like Mesh...yeah well, I think it looks more like an animal print. I do think I incorporated this fun little "Mesh" well onto both cards. The card on the left is ready for a crop! The card on the right well that gal is ready for Coffee and Conversation! {Hi Divas-I just had to throw that in there.}

Just a few extras...I decided to add a bit of ribbon to our scrampin bella and I though the Gellyroll Black Glaze pen would be a nice touch as well. The staples worked well to hold my ribbon in place especially since I decided to add that on when I was almost done. Oh and the cuttled popped piece has Clear Glaze on it...Yep, I was playing with those cuttly little bg's to see what fun I could create. I just love 'em!

The Jammybella has pretty much the same layout but with a few different embellies. Still used a staple on this one but instead a larger staple with the word "SWEET" on it...I used a CMTH stamp to add "friend" to the card. Scraps of brown CS leftover from my PP accents was used to frame the corners of our adorable jammyclad friend.

I bet some of you thought I had quit stampin...absolutely not ever gonna happen. I have been making tons of cards and a few pages here and there. My camera absolutely refuses to transfer photos to my laptop so it's back to scanning for a few more days. BLECH I know but it's much better than no sharing of creations at all.

I will post a few more cards tomorrow...I must get these out to the mailbox in the am so one of my stalking, scrampin, or bloggin friends can enjoy them! I have some other more secretive creations that I can't share until next month that I am mailing too...SHHH don't tell anyone!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. These are adorable! I just stumbled upon your blog- I love your style! :)

  2. These are adorable Tracy! I really like the ribbon on the first one, but they are both great cards.