Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am finally winding gosh it only took like most of the night to get a chance to relax and just breathe without doing something for someone else. Ever have those kinda days? Yeah ya know the kind that by the end of the day you feel like you should be sitting in a corner staring up at the sky with a blank look...thinking how did I ever manage to stay sane after this one? ha ha

K, so a little drama for all you momma's out there. I have tried many times to tell my little angels to save the drama for their momma's but dang it they just don't get it. Hmmm maybe when they get past the age of 2ish they will!

Enough of the silliness...have you checked this out yet?

again with the *JAW-DROPPING GASPS* girls...get your wallets out cause this is G-O-O-D!

Lisa Strahl's DT Announcement (& details)

To Die For Samples from one of the CHF designers: New Release

I am rattling on about the new designer that Cornish Heritage Farms has signed on...they just had a contest to guess who the new designer was. One of their clues was a lighthouse peeping out of an add...HELLLLLO anybody who loves Thomas Kinkade knows his story and why he always has a light in his art.

Can ya believe it? TK is getting all rubbery! I LOVE IT!

UPDATE they have announced a winner: CHF Blog

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