Sunday, June 24, 2007


I surprised Curtis with a trip to Nashville on Saturday with friends. We planned to visit the Science Musuem (Adventure Science Musuem), a late lunch at Dave & Busters, and then shopping at Opry Mills. I thought for sure Sarah would spill the beans when she and her Mom came to pick us up on Saturday morning...But for once she didn't. I had to prompt her to share the dish about our plans for a fun-filled day away.

The museum was a HIT! The kids (and Mom's) had a blast discovering all the fun stuff to check out. We climbed, slid down the slides, watched the kids perform "pretend" surgery, played a HUGE guitar, wiped out diseases in a game room, and well just explored the entire building. Talk about an interesting place....where adventure meets learning. How COOL is that?

Dave & Busters was a fun place to eat. Curtis is convinced that Dad must have one of those monster screen TV's that would take up most of our living room. lol boys and their toys (dream toys that is). We played our all-time favorite games: hoops (basketball), skee ball, race cars, and that crazy coin drop machine (where you drop coins in an attempt to get more coins, what a sensible game!). Curtis was obsessed with getting tickets so that he could redeem them for some uber cool prizes. Between us we racked up about 1300 tickets...not bad at all.

Opry Mills Mall is full of deals...Melissa and I made sure the kids knew that this part of our day was for the Mom's. SHOPPING! They whined but still enjoyed the benies of shopping with us. The one thing that intrigued them the most: a demo by a vendor for the "perfect" shammy cloth. They were sold on his products within minutes. Keep these two away from infomercials so as not to go broke! We found tons of sales and just plain good deals...I actually went into the scrapbook store and didn't buy anything!!! Call the Dr. this girl has to be SICK! I know it was crazy but I didn't find anything in there that I didn't already own or that I just must get. Believe me I was just as AMAZED as my CC company when I left the store!

Well, that was the highlights of the day. Eddie was on a trip to St. Louis for a game and MercyMe concert. Caleb and Randy went with some friends to Paducah for an ultimate fighting style event....Caleb had a friend that fought (crazy guy) and won his match in less than 90 seconds. WOW! I just hate that I missed out on all the blood and yuck! *grin*

It has been a long time since I have been able to make the day about Curtis...After being at Grandma's for two weeks I think WE needed a day away to enjoy ourselves.

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  1. What a sweet mom you are! How fun are you? Taking everyone to the museum and shopping! I really do wish I lived closer to you girl! Maybe someday. And what a great friend you are too! I got your card and beautiful letter and of course the images too. I posted it on my blog if you want to see! Love ya, chickie!