Monday, June 11, 2007

the Weekend Explosion

What happens when you plan a fun-filled weekend? Usually around our house something that prevents us from enjoying that fabulous weekend! We had a truly enjoyable experience with a busted pipe in the wall this weekend. This precious pipe was located just behind the shower wall and caused a huge mess. Eddie (my 14 y.o.) informed us Friday evening after showering that he could hear a "hissing" sound when he showered. He continued to explain it sounded just like a snake!!! Keeping in mind that Eddie had just returned home from a long tiring week of camp...We quickly dismissed his claims and chalked it up to him being tired. Of course, not long after being worn out ourselves we fell asleep and didn't find the source of the lovely "hissing" sound until the next morning. DH woke me up saying, "Get up! You need to hurry up and take a shower. We need to turn the water off!". Lucky for me I am such the morning person (NOT!) and quickly jumped to my feet! HA! Not even close...when I realized I was not dreaming then I moved a bit faster and I could hear the mysterious sound while I quickly showered. After some investigation we discovered a nice spewing leak behind the wall...FUN! FUN! I tell ya...after two days, no showers (baths only), tons of work, a water damaged closet, and many messes to clean up...all is good again in our bathroom. Well almost...just a bit more caulking to touch up and then it is back to normal with some new replacements (IE: a wall and surround!).

Maybe next weekend should be free of any "fun plans"...wonder if that work for us?


  1. So sorry to hear about your not so fun weekend. I sure hope next weekend is a better one.. hugs

  2. Wow! That doesn't sound fun at all! Sorry to hear about that. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I hope thet this coming weekend goes much better for you.