Thursday, June 14, 2007


RAKaBella is for a super suh-weet SCS GF of mine that I have missed chatting with lately...seems she has been on my mind a ton lately. Since I realize that sometimes those little reminders pop up in our pyschy for a reason...I thought she might enjoy this along with some fun images I added to the envie just for her coloring pleasure!!! I hope ya love it (S)!!! Thanks for all you do sistah!

Now get your hiney up off the floor and enjoy your Happy Mail!!! *bwahaha* Better late than totally like nevah ya know! *wink, wink*

Love ya Sheri girl!

K, now this was total playtime for me with this card...My first time breaking out my grumpy little bella baby and playing with my cuttlybug all at the same time...BTW, Bellas and my Bug ROCK!!! Love 'em both...all...I mean both. *rolls eyes at my silliness*

The card itself came from a package of premade cards (BG's Only) that my favorite Auntie Nini gave me (Janeane)...My gf LuLu and I split them up and they are so cute with matching envies...but really needing some bellarific additions. I cut a bit of the paper off and added some bright colors. Stamped and colored my bella baby with some Gellyrific pens and a bit of H2O. Did a bit of experimental layering and bam there she is! I hope S loves it!

At first I wasn't a fan but DH assured me it was totally cute (so my words not precisely his).

Smiles friends!

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