Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Giftage...Dahlia Style

I am in hopes that the giftage recipient won't venture here before she is allowed to open her package...We have to wait until the 10th. STINKY! But so worth it I'm sure.

Now my friend, K, is not exactly a big Pink fan but it is seriously a chore to keep "pink" out of Valentine's Day. So there are just hints of pink (as I like to call it) here and there. Love, love this dahlia technique and thank the heavens above my best girl LuLu read the directions...'cause this sistah don't do directions. I prefer photos or to figure it out on my own. Yep, you guessed it if I take something apart and have extra parts well...umm it might just work a bit differently when I'm done with it. *grin*

I know it's seriously simple but I loved this gift bag once I got finished with it...I don't think it really looks that "pink" in person. Gosh I should have sent more of a totally different color to counteract all this (let's call it a version of red instead of pink)!!! How cute is that little flower? Who couldn't love a "blue" heart of all things?

K, here's the "giftage set"! I hope she likes it. The cork board was so suh-weet all decked out. Oh and my most favorite of this set is the little notepad holder on the side.

Shhh don't tell K but it was FREE. My Mom gave it to me...underneath all it's loveliness it has something catchy about donating blood. Mom is an angel when it comes to giving blood and they love her for it...she has universal type & has donated many, many gallons over the years! Go MOM! Me, I can't donate I have this ugly problem with passing out and getting sickly. It's not from the site of the needle or anything like's my crazy body thinking it has a mind of it's own. I guess my body doesn't want to share because I was told not to ever try to donate again!

Back to the Giftage. If you want to find out what all I used on the set...just post a question here or you can find the list of items used here: Gallery
Can ya believe this the third day in a row that I posted or what??? WOWZA gimme a cookie! I don't stink this week!

Tomorrow I will post the "LOVE CANDY" photo!


  1. So cool, Tracy! I think K will love it, whoever she is!

  2. Hi Tracy!

    Your gift set is fabulous and your card is very pretty. I really love the flower. The dahlia technique looks fabulous! Your friend will surely be happy to receive such a nice gift set.

    Your SBS2 sis,

  3. Fantastic ensemble, Tracy! I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled to get it.

  4. Tracy, OMGosh, you did such a super job! If she doesn't absolutely love it, she's crazy! LOL!

  5. Oh this is fabulous, she will love it, well done on all that work, lol xx

  6. Its a wonderful gift set, she'll love it!

  7. Stunning. I LOVE your colours and that gift bag is absolutely scrumptious! :0) Mel