Thursday, February 28, 2008

a sneak peek...

Gifts for the KY/TN Gathering on March 1st...this Saturday! *so very happy*

This gift is almost just needs one more item on the front but I thought I would share a sneak peek at just one of the gifts I made/altered to bring.

This paper block has been so much fun to work with. I love using black & white together...with the added gold & brown's a delightful color palette.

Notice what I used as a trinket holder? Ok, so they are embellies but "trinket" sounded too cute. I snagged the box from one of our boys...there was still candy in it but I decided it was time to empty out the chocolates into a zippy. This is a much less expensive version of these cute little boxes you find to buy everywhere. I love to pick my own "trinkets" to share.

I hope everyone else likes this's not all I have made but just one I was totally lovin and had to share. There will be more sneak peeks over the next few days.


  1. I love it, Tracy! It's beautiful! Sounds like your gonna have a great time! Can I come too? LOL

  2. Awwww! Too cute, Tracy! Love this! : )

  3. Empty the chocolate into a zippy? I don't think so! Ha ha
    Cute idea for holding those little trinkets!

  4. I could kick myself for not looking at your blog before I tossed the box from my V-Day candy...this is awesome!

    Lori SBS2

  5. Great way to recycle! Very cute idea - and the top looks very elegant. Oh - and what;s with the zippy. I don't think they would've made it into a bag in our house!

  6. Who wouldn't love this gift! Very creative! By the way, I think it might be illegal to have chocolate left over from valentine's day for more than a week. I'm not going to turn you in, this time, but must each the chocolate within a week!!!! ha ha (or in my case, the first day!)

  7. I was checking out similar boxes on clearance a couple of weeks ago. I thought they would look cute embellished. Now I wish I had gotten them. This is so pretty and much less fattening than chocolate!

  8. This is gorgeous, so much work in this its beautiful.

    Alex xx
    SBS Sister x

  9. Oh so gorgeous. I love the colours and combination of scrolls. Ultra classy. Thanks for the peek! :0) Mel