Saturday, March 08, 2008

Creativity is in da works...seriously.

I have many a project to complete this lovely snowed in weekend! Expect much creativity shared over the next couple of days...I need to finish up a few projects for EIS ( and some swaps that I am in need to be completed and go postal.

Oh Curtie Bug has been a total crack-up over this snow. WE ventured out to gather our snow and he asked, "why did you scrape that snow off?" Well...Hello my dear little man...WE want CLEAN SNOW to eat! lol He had to remember what Snow Cream tasted like but lemme tell ya he gobbled down two bowls and was begging for more. The snow plow came down our road and CB got mad and yelled at them...."You big meanie!" He didn't want the snow to be disturbed...he wishes it to stay for many days. His birthday is on Monday and that little guy is prayful that school is out due to the snow for his big day. He will be turning 9. UGH! I hate that...I want him tiny again. Birthday's are so hard on us Mom's.

So here's what the chicka at the bottom o' the page is dressed in today____check her out! BRRR

Oh now that's just not won't copy and paste. Bad little cold girl. So scroll down to the bottom left and she will be there in her wintery duds.

I kid you not peeps...we are to get 10 inches of snow!!! It's March and we are finally having some winter! Kentucky weather is the best! (see me rollin my eyes...I mean seriously...ugh to the weather but I'm luvin me some snow!)


  1. BRRR! Sounds sooo cold, but I'd love a week of snow, that would be fantastic, it's been 4 years since I was up north, it gets old livin in tropical paradise! Hahahaha, I didn't mean that to sound like a tease, I'm for real, I'd love a real winter!
    Oh, and your blog title makes me thirsty for OJ, is that weird? Bwahaha!

  2. ooopps - my post disappeared???

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Am VERY jealous of all that snow - you jammy thing! All we have in the UK at the tick is wind and rain, not good!

    Do you REALLY eat snow over there?? Crickey, top tip - never eat the yellow stuff LOL!

  3. SNOW CREAM!!! My hubby LOVES that stuff! He made it for the kids while we still had snow. Wasn't it great???

  4. whoop! Sounds like you got lamblasted this time!! ;) My ds eats snow as he plays....I have to remind him to only eat the clean stuff!! 40s here today and the snow is melting....woo hoo!!!

  5. I do not miss that cold KY weather at all! Stay warm!