Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Dancin'....

My boys have been dying for some snow cream all winter...Many of you have heard them complain through me. lol

After school today we all did the snow dance....and OMG I think it may work. We are supposed to get 6 inches by Friday and by Saturday we are forcasted to have up to 10 inches. WOWZA! When we do a snow dance...we mean business!

I was just complaining about the fact that the kiddos hadn't even had enough snow this year to make snowmen nor could we have snow cream. Even DH was unhappy that this winter-time treat had yet to grace our spoons (& bowls). So sad! But alas, wish and ye shall an abundance (so they say). It's late...late...late as usual the night owl is up (stoopid tummy issues)...I just looked outside and so far there is no white stuff blessing our grassy winter mess!

The Bunny (dh) told me that by noon it should be here...I seriously have no desire to wait that long. I hope that they figure out the school thing early in the am. My guys are counting on sleeping in and then waking up to SNOW!

Maybe I should do that silly dance again before I give it up for the night?!?!?

COME ON SNOW! We have ice salt and our bowls are so beyond ready!!!

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