Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my new J-O-B

Hello friends...I have made a huge change in my life- I have gone back to work outside of our home. I have been the very blessed owner of a Home Daycare for 5 years. I recently decided it was time to get a job outside of our home. Some have asked me how I did this for so long. I tend to believe it was God's plan that I be here for my children. Now that they are older it is time for me to do something else- something with a stable pay scale, vacation & sick days, and adult interaction. I have thoroughly enjoyed the daycare and being a part of all the children's lives. I will continue to be a part of their lives just not on a daily basis. Don't worry I didn't just kick everyone to the curb or anything. I made sure the children I was still keeping (which was only a few- mostly part-time) was placed comfortably under new care...so it's all good.

I will write more later- now I am just worn out! I have already worked 4 days and I am lovin it! The super cool part was that I had today off!!! Good Friday was seriously a good Friday. I spent it with friends- stamping and DH spent the day on the golf course with friends. The boys had to go to school to make-up all the days they missed for inclement weather and the fire at the Elementary school earlier this year. Anywho- it was awesome to have a day off without children!

Hugs to all and I will try my best to get on here every couple of days. I have tons of cute stuff to share. I just have to take time to upload it to my computer.


  1. Tracy

    Its been a while since I popped in, but many congrats on your new job, good for you, I did this in October and love my job, but blimey I miss my days at home!!! lol and catch up is a pain!!! lol x

  2. You go girl! Enjoy it all. You're awesome! :0) Mel