Saturday, July 05, 2008

CCD June- Which One???

Remember those little seek-n-find games? Well, let's see what looks like the other on these two cards. Yes, they are quite similiar but yet there are some small (and big) differences. So, tell me which one you prefer. DH & Curtis (my little guy) says the first one but I am still quite undecided as I love both of them...

Oh and did you find any differences? I wonder if anyone will even notice a few of them...

a little bg on these two beauties...

I have oogled MFT stamps sets for a while but wasn't sure if they were quite my style...I mean the poor things have no head! HELLO! My first reaction was, "What the hey now is up with that?" lol

I participated in a giftage swap and lo and behold a secret friend of mine sent me this MFT stamp I "had" to use it and see what I could do.

VOILA! ACETATE!!! jumped into my brain and CCD...poor girls didn't know what hit 'em. MY KY girls got phone call after phone call from our Cali girls wanting to know what to do with "this stuff". he he he I was at work & rec'd zero phone calls! *big grin* (Thanks J & LuLu)

FYI: Some of you may have noticed that I do a monthly CCD with friends accross the country (Cali, KY & WA). This month was my month to send out images to use. I was a bit ummm difficult and sent out images on acetate. Mind you...not such a bad thing except for the newbie stampers in our CCD Group! tsk tsk...shame on me...I just couldn't help myself though.

Needless to say after this CCD Swap I am sold on MFT Stamps...


  1. This is cute!!! I have a couple MFT stamps. Super cute!

  2. LOVE that lace! these are beautiful!

  3. Great stamp & I love the quilted soft look! Hope things are great with you, :0) mel