Tuesday, July 08, 2008

VBS Y-E-S!!!

Ok...so as much joy as it brings me to sing that song...someone should have reminded me that VBS x1 week would be fabulous...but crazy little ole me has said YES to 2 weeks of VBS. Yeah...I know, someone must have hit me in the head and caused some damage or something.

I have to say after day two (8 to go) I am feeling truly blessed to teach 18 little 5 & 6 year olds. WE pray in a circle together each night. Last night I gathered them and gave instructions on how to pray in the circle and volunteer to pray...their prayers are so strong...it truly blesses my heart to hear them each night. AND even more so when the children that wouldn't pray the night before do the next night. I am hoping to have at least 15 praying by Friday night!

Oh my gosh...I forgot to share the great news...I talked DH (Hunny Bunny) into helping with Missions. He has been such a trooper and doing an amazing job. I am so proud!

On a sad note...my grandson (little guy on the left in the photo below) has moved with his Mom to NC. His step-father re-enlisted in the army and they had to move. So sad...but we will get to see him just not as often. At least they didn't move out-of-the-country!
Kyle & Curtie Bug (let me just say I am milking that nickname for as long as he will let me!)

ARE they CUTE or WHAT? Curtis thinks it is the coolest thing ever to be an Uncle at his age! And Kyle thinks Curtis is the best Uncle ever!

I will share some cards very soon...I just need to get them from the camera to the 'puter. Girls...VBS is kicking the hiney...big time!

Pray for us! Have a blessed week!

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