Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chit Chattery (blah blah)

I just updated Group 21 for the SBS Blog (sisterhoodofthestampingbloggers.blogspot.com). It just amazes me how many ladies and groups there are now...I already began Group 22 with a few members...can you say WOW?!?! What an amazing way to bring our love for creativity and friendships together. I just love helping with that.

SO...I have been a bit under the weather. The Dr. told me to stay home and rest today. EEK I don't take off to be "sick" but she advised me it would be best especially with a low-grade fever and such. I feel much better now and SO look forward to seeing what kind of shape my desk is in tomorrow. NOT! (smile)

I have several creative items to share but at the moment I am too tired (and lazy) to download pics so that can just wait until another day.

Just for your viewing pleasure I have a blog I would like to share with you:


Check her out- she has some amazing work on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Tracy can you please clarifiy what has happened re SBS 20 with regard to the Group Admin etc.
    I emailed Tessa and she was going to speak with you.
    Thanks Cynthia x

  2. Hope you are feeling better!


  3. Agreed.....debbiedee's blog is a treasure! Thanks for sharing the link with others!!