Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet Smokey...the cat!

Meet Smokey...our precious little boy. The poor one that the dog secretly makes fun of...Smokey has to live outdoors as we are allergic to his fur. Smoke has such a wonderful disposition. He has so much personality...he loves to entertain anyone that will pay attention. The silly thing makes his rounds daily- visiting several of our neighbors. I guess he is a bit of a socialite.

This photo is a bit shaky but still you can see that sweet, sweet face. Smokey greets anyone that arrives at our home and escorts them along the walk to the door. What a sweetheart we have been blessed with!

1 comment:

  1. Tracy, he's just adorable! If all cats were so friendly, I would really like them. Sadly, I have not met to many with such a pleasant demeanour (sp?). Sounds like you have been very busy and your body is noticing. Don't forget to take care of YOU!