Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life is good...

Hello's almost FRIDAY!!! I so love this time of week. And this weekend we have big plans. The Emmaus Super Gathering is this weekend. Read about that here: DH and I have been the happy planners for this event. I can't wait...

FYI: Curtie Bug is all better now!!! Yeah-I can't stand when the boys are sickly. Oh and the laptop did not die (yet) just had a connection malfunction- a little band-aid and it's all good again. I don't want to talk bad about it or my luck will make it die for good...just to be safe I put ALL my photos & major stuff on a couple of flash drives. Who knows why I didn't do that already- Oh...yeah...that would have meant taking time to do it. It's amazing what a little scare can do to a girl!

This is a photo of my lovely yard after the water leak- my neighbor's water leak!!! YEAH, tell me that's not pure crazy- her water line runs from the front of our yard to the back & it had to be ripped out. The result= neighbor's water works fabulously, our yard= U-G-L-Y! After a ton of work (yeah on our part) and then some funds for new grass seeds it will all be ok! Can you tell I am calm?!?! that's 'cause DH already got an ear full and did all the chit chatting before I arrived. He didn't want me to get on my soapbox! grrrr

a little creativity...I adore this little sweetness! I am sharing a couple of the cards I made for this past month's CCD (my monthly challenge w/gf's). I wanted a simple I used scalloped circles of patterned paper. I believe that little gal is from SU! but don't hold me to it as I rec'd her in the challenge. I used some deco scissors, added some ribbon, a fluttery critters w/bling brad, some dew droplets, & a couple stamps (PTI & SU!) and this baby was ready to mail!

Since I don't know if they would want their names listed we will just use first names. Bob is in CCU and not doing too well-his wife & I work together. Really wonderful people- please keep them in your prayers! Also, pray for Duane & his family. He lost his wife this week (this is my co-worker's brother). This has been a hard week for this family...If you will keep them in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it! Blessings to you and yours!

If you are interested in participating in a swap...GO HERE: Christmas Swap

I am doing random drawings for participants-nothing like a little bribery ya know!
Have a great weekend!


  1. what a beautiful yard!! UGH! I don't blame you for being miffed!Thankfully it's *just grass!* ;)

  2. Hey Tracy! These cards are cute. That stinks about your yard.

  3. These cards are cute!!! Sorry about your yard. Hope today is a better day :)

  4. Oh MY! What a thing to happen this time of year! It would be so nice of your neighbors to give you a hand in fixing it, though it is not like you can knock on their door and suggest it to them, LOL

    Your cards are so cheerful, I am sure making them helped to take your mind off the lawn ;)

    Will keep your friends in my prayers!
    Sandy O

  5. Gorgeous cards. I love that fairy and layout. The blingy butterfly & gems are such a perfect accompaniment. Praying for your friends and hoping they are doing better,