Thursday, September 04, 2008

What a week!

Good stamping...blogging friends.

The hacienda is back to "cool" again! WHEW *wipes brow* That sure was a rought day & night dealing with no's a good thing I wasn't born before a/c, not so sure I could have handled the heat. Funny thing is I *LOVE* the beach. Makes zero sense...beaches have no air conditioning units on them. *rolls eyes at self* I was a bit nervous as to the cost of repairing our a/c unit...but when the tech handed me the bill and it was under $100. I quickly wrote the check and sent him happily on his way before his mind was changed!!!

We have had a couple of "BUGS" hit our house the last couple of days.

**First, my laptop apparently has the roll over and die BUG. It just went off on it's own while I was typing and has yet to come back to life. I fear it may have to be laid to rest soon. It has been having a few hiccups lately and the motherly instincts were telling me a BAD BUG was coming. Unfortunately, the brain child (ummm me) that owns this laptop did not have her stuff on included. YEAH...can we say S-T-U-P-I-D? It's heartbreaking...but I couldn't get the burner to work on that computer and hadn't took time to do anything else. BAD BAD ME makes for a SAD SAD ME!

**Second, my Curtie Bug got a Sinus BUG and we had to stay home yesterday. He has a sinus infection and was feeling quite yucky. Thankfully, after taking much medicine he is doing much better today.

Hopefully, all the "Bugs" (except Curtie Bug) will LEAVE our hacienda! ;o)

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  1. HUGS!

    I hope someone can recover your photos. I hope you feel better soon, too!