Monday, September 01, 2008

a HOT hacienda

EEK! Just when you think all is well in your own little world...the devil slings out a stab at cha. It's a holiday...a fantabulous extra day off...a beautiful day to enjoy...and booyah the air conditioner decides to take labor day off! What the HEY?!?! IT's HOT...this is not good. DH made a good-hearted attempt at getting someone over today but that was so not gonna happen and why would it...people are off on...Hello. Labor Day! I hope everyone else had a wonderful & safe holiday weekend. WE will find out our fate or rather our wallets fate doesn't look or smell purty...let me just tell ya in advance. Praying for something minor. Seriously my birthday is next Saturday and a new ac unit is not on the Wish List!

Here's a few cards that I made using an easy peasy affordable $1 card kit from Target (pronounced Tar Jaay by me...sounds much classier). I do love the bright colors of these two little kits. There were many little things inside to entertain a crafty creative sort.

I really didn't add much to the kits...just some ribbon and a few flowers...some glitter via a gel pen. Pretty sweet little sets I thought.
Bible Verse for today:
The people walking in darkness have seen a great light Isaiah 9:2
Read the rest of the verse and more here: Heartlight Daily Devo
PLUEASSSE...please go HERE and check out a SWAP that I am hostessing. It's a Christmas Theme: Something & a Tag...go see and then post if you would like to join.
EIS RAK Group Challenge: Make a "scrappy" card using no stamps to send out to an RAK friend this week. (click for more deets)
Cards for Soldiers September Challenge (LINK)
Those in the path of Gustav...once again these people are dealing with a very scary situation. I couldn't imagine dealing with it. Please be in prayer for those in the path of Gustav.
I also have an unspoken prayer request...God knows so if you want to say it's for me that is totally fine. Thanks so much!
OK. I'm all done now. Have a great week! Four days is just a joy if you ask me!


  1. Awww...that stinks about your AC. No need for that here in Denver, it's 50 outside right now! Your cards are beautiful. I love the colors. I pronounce it Tar-jey too!

  2. Your cards are great--gotta love that dollar spot! Hope the AC is back up and running soon.

  3. You've been busy....what a fun ensemble! Glad to see you back in blogland!

  4. Cute cards, would have never guessed Tar-jay had such nice kits.
    Lots to catch up on your blog - you're doing such a good job keeping up on it and it's obvious you're a BUSY person. Inspiring.

  5. Gorgeous cards! I can never get enough of pink and black. I love the hit of green too. How original! Great layouts. Hope everything is going great with you & yours, Hugs, :O) mel

  6. These are super cute!! I love Tarjay too :)