Saturday, August 30, 2008

STL (St. Louis) & EIS Swap

Here's a few awesome views...I took these when our family & church fam went to St. Louis for the annual Christian Family Day at the park. WE watched a fantastic (& hot) ballgame. It's always great to see Pujols play...amazing talent that man has along with the rest of his team. After the game it was time for the "free" concert by Casting Crowns and testimonials by the team members (Pujols included). Our fam loves Casting of my most favorite songs is East to West and an all-time Christian fav (by them as well) is If We are the Body. really I like all their songs. Megan (vocalist) of CC has the most awesome voice (besides our girl Randa). Their drummer, Andy, rocks the drums like none other...and of course Mark, the lead singer, has an amazing voice. Check them out here.

See my little bug (Curtis) trying not to look down!!! He's not a fan of heights...especially when he realizes just how high up he really is. We had to move that baby away from the edge pretty quick so he wouldn't freak out on us.

Here's the family...WE truly enjoyed a HOT day at the park!

Now on to a swap I participated in on It was a Summer Themed Swap and this is what I came up with. I whipped these babies out just a few days before the deadline...that's me working my best under pressure. Seriously...I was convinced I had like tons more time...HELLO! Once again I was late...thankfully forgiven and my swap was still accepted (apparently I wasn't the only one with crossed wires or is it a crazy mind?!?!). I decided to make post-it note holders and I really do love the way these turned out. I attempted to incorporate a ribbon at the top but decided it was just overkill...I enjoy patterns...immensely...the brighter the better. IMO these matched up well. Let me know what you think.

Stamps used are from PaperTrey Ink.

Have a safe and Blessed Labor Day weekend! I am lovin the additional day in my weekend...WHOOT WHOOT for 4 day work weeks...WE should have every week! ;0)

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