Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recycling a lovely thought...(aka:card)

This is the original card that I used to create the tag and card below. It was sent to DH and I for our anniversary (7th anniversary/May 5th). I found the card again not long ago and decided to revive it. See what you think of my creative use of this card. BTW, on the back of the card was the same flower image that was on the front only smaller...see if you can find where I used it? *wink*

I suppose you figured out by now where both images were used. I also ripped apart some instructions...which is what I used for the background on the card. Talk about recycling...I seriously got down and dirty with the frugal for these two creative items.

I love the way the baubles (or dew drops if you will) turned out on the tag and the card...they add much character. Oh and just in case you didn't notice...only one stamp was used...happy birthday from one of my PaperTrey Ink stamp sets.

Thanks for stopping by...check back tomorrow for more creations.

It's off to church for AWANA planning. WE have so much going on tonight...I shall have to miss Big Brother. AARRGH! Good thing there's a DVR in the house!


  1. WOW, this is great, I absolutely love the idea of recycling old cards. What came to my mind instantly was to use them in memory frames. I will have to pull out all those cards I saved over the years :)

  2. Wonderful! Wow! Great job recycling! I really love it!

  3. Those both turned out wonderfully! I love the Dew Drops too; they just add so much, I think!

  4. Clever! I love the way you re-purposed this card!

  5. Wow so pretty. I updated my post on Stamping Critiques