Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr. the dryer!

"hmmm this smells good!"

"Not so sure about that thing."

"OH NO! What was that?"

"HEY!!! Did this thing move???"

One day while sorting laundry...Smokey snuck in past the "watch dog" (ha! yeah right...he watched the kitty walk right past him). I'm sure Smokey wanted to rub it in Roo's face that he could and would sneak in now and then.

As I get ready to throw laundry into the dryer ummm this cute nosey critter is what I found inside. Curiousity gets the cat ya know! I so wanted to turn it on to get his reaction but that would be just plain mean! So I took photos of "Mr. Nosey" instead. This cat and his personality is just too hilarious some days...check out the poses I caught on digi!

Today has been a very enjoyable Saturday. Kind of laid back with spurts of work to do. Don't we always have that? I did do a bit of stampin today that I will share tomorrow.

Sunday shall be much busier than today as we have an Awana Mtg., Beth's bible study, and then church tomorrow night as well as church in the am. No rest for the's a good thing I napped today!

Have a great weekend!

I will leave you with this...

The holy spirit equips us with spiritual gifts. 1Corinthians 12:4-5

Are you using your spiritual gifts?


  1. Cats are such curious creatures! Your kitty is just too cute for words! So glad you are having a laid back day! We all need those from time to time. Can't wait to see what you created. Hugs to you and so glad to see you blogging.


  2. That is so funny! What a cute kitty!

  3. So very funny...good thing you noticed him in there. Don't pets just add gazillions of laughs into your lives!

  4. your cat is hilarious! I like your new site design....nice!

  5. :D
    Mr Nosey huh!? hehehe That is so darn cute!