Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I miss everyone...just wanted to send out a reminder...Please do your part- VOTE TODAY!

I won't voice my opinions here as it is just not the place...but I do hope that you look within your hearts and vote the best candidate into office!

God Bless!!!

I know I normally promote awesome blogs that I run into on the internet...but today I am going back to my internet addiction roots (SCS) and I found an awesome gallery to share with you. Seriously check out the poinsetta this gal produced...it totally rocks. I have always adored (& enjoyed making these adorable tins) but I think she really outdid herself.

Check it out for yourself: SassiAngel

Now for a close-to-my-heart share...this gal and I have worked together many times and she never fails to inspire. We have enjoyed many conversations online & a few on the phone. I have always been drawn to her style of scrapbooking. Not only is she is an amazing scrapper, Mom, wife, & friend but she also has a fabulous gift...she sketches.

Check out my friend (Sally Sue;0): Salster Blog

Make sure you check out all the fantastic scrapbook challenges on SCS!


Seriously...I have not forgotten that I have MANY pics to share here....HUGS! T~

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