Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's raining...well drizzling at times and quite delightful!

Happy Thursday bloggers, stampers, friends...

It's a beautiful "rainy" day here at my house. Yep, I said beautiful and rain all at the same time. Crazy...well, that is likely but really I am enjoying a peaceful day with the little angels. They have been quite calm just like the rain and let me tell ya I most definitely welcome some calm amongst all our "stormy" days.

My son has been home sick for a few days. He felt much better this morning and thankfully went back to school. It is so hard to convince him to stay out of the babies faces when he is sick...and even harder to keep him in the bed when he prefers to be spoiled and in my lap all day. But that is what Mom's are for...this is what he told me this week. I am supposed to let him do whatever he wants when he is sick so that he will get well much faster. lol...My Curtie Bug truly is a mess. He keeps us in stitches constantly with his funny little antics. My own little comedian.

Have a blessed day blogland!

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  1. sorry he is sick! hopefully all will be well soon!!!